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Adventures in Baja Mexico

Cruise ship

My topic of conversation today is going to be about my times and adventures in Baja Mexico. This is the part of Mexico  where you will find ports such as  Puerto Vallarta,  Cabo son Lucas, and Cancun. These are all very amazing vacation destinations in Mexico and I would definitely recommend that you visit all of them. There are so many others that are available to stay at in the Baja Mexico area as well. It is the Baja area in general that is quite amazing because there are so many awesome places to vacation at.  When I went, I was on a cruise so I was able to see all of the different ports along the outside and inside of Baja Mexico. This made it much better because I didn’t just have to stay in one place. If you’re going to Baja Mexico then I would definitely recommend that you pick to go on a cruise instead of flying  down because you will have so much fun. A cruise is definitely the way to go for any vacation because there is just so much to do you want to cruise ship. That is a vacation in itself because you were going to meet so many new people and have so many awesome activities to do on the ship. They allow you a whole day and each port as well so that is definitely enough time to have some fun. This way you’ll get to see so many different cultures from the different areas.  Continue reading 

Adventures in Monaco

The city of Monaco

Hello everybody in today I’m going to be talking to you about the awesome time that I had when I was in Monaco. But first, if you did not get to see my last article, then you should definitely check that out by referring here.

My time and Monica was absolutely amazing and I had the funnest time of my entire life. I did so much when I was there. I saw massive Yazz, amazing cars, amazing fashion boutiques, some of the best Italian food I have ever had, and many other memorable experiences. There will be a list below of the  things that I experienced in depth.

My experiences in Monaco

  1.  The grande pre–Monaco is world-famous for the Formula One Grand Prix that takes place in every August. I was just there this past August and I was able to watch the Grand Prix from some extremely rich guys 240 foot megayacht. That was  quite an experience in itself let alone being able to watch the Grand Prix only 20 feet away from the actual race course. The course and went by with the loudest I have ever heard in my life and their roaring V 12 engine and screamed as they flew by. It was probably the best car race I have ever seen in my life because Formula One racing is just so exhilarating. I can’t imagine what it is like to be like behind  The wheel of one of those.
  2.  The exotic cars-Monaco is world-famous again for showcasing some of the hottest exotic cars that the world has to offer. I found myself a Ferrari F 12 TRS, and it is one of the coolest cars I have ever seen in my life. With a price tag of over $4 million, this car comes in as one of The most expensive street legal production cars on the planet. I was so happy to be able to sit in it let alone give it a test drive. I was able to be hooked up by one of the most wealthiest man in Monaco who owns this car. He is a longtime friend of mine and business client.  Also saw many other Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Pagani’s, and other exotic car brands. When you drive down the streets of Monaco, you see exotic cars absolutely everywhere. It is almost impossible to drive down one street without seeing one. This is probably because Monaco is one of the wealthiest cities on the planet.
  3.  The yacht seen-I am I got on her myself so I know what it’s like to live that kind of lifestyle but I have to say that I have never seen so many large shots in one place in my whole entire life. Not only did I see the largest Yazz that  I have ever seen in my life, but there are so many of them altogether. When you are getting ready to watch the Grand Prix there were literally be about 1000 megayacht’s wind up next to each other to watch the race. Each of these yachts probably costs over $20 million and The most luxurious thing you have ever seen. If you are a person that is into big boats and cars, then Monaco is the place for you to come.

That is my quick  Little review that I had to share with you guys about my adventures in Monaco. This is truly an amazing place and I would recommend that anybody go and visit. It will surely change the way you look at life. The only downside is that traveling here is extremely expensive because it is a very wealthy city.

I would please encourage that you watch this YouTube video to get a better understanding of what Monaco is like from a visual aspect.

The traveling hub

Monaco yacht

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